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Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women in most places where unwanted hair grows.  We use the most advanced lasers to provide effective laser hair removal for all skin types and most body locations.

Step 1:
A thorough consultation with a trained laser technician and image consultant to ensure the right treatment path for you. What the technician MUST know:

  • Your ethnic background.
  • Your sensitivity to sunlight.
  • If you are on any medications.
  • Medical history and previous laser experiences.

Step 2: Before your laser treatment:

  • Prior to laser hair removal don't wax, tweeze or epilate. Day before or day of the procedure, shave the area to be treated.
  • Avoiding sun exposure before and after laser treatments is exceptionally important. Lasers react to pigment; therefore, any excess pigment in your skin can affect your results and increase the potential for burns.

Step 3: Your first laser treatment:

  • It can be painful but every effort will me made to minimize soreness by use of appropriate pain management techniques.
  • For enhanced patient comfort, our lasers use a self-directed flow of compressed cool air to the treatment area.
  • Before discharge, your laser technician will give you after care instructions and contact information to use as needed.

Step 4: Healing with optimal cosmetic results:

  • Stay out of the sun. If you need to go out, apply sunscreen with a SPF factor of 25+ depending upon the treatment. Although sunscreen should be an everyday occurrence you must be especially vigilant for at least six months after treatment.
  • In the winter turn off the heated seats in your car and make sure heat is not pointing directly at treatment area.
  • After your treatment your technician will go through a skin care treatment regimen including all professional dermatological products that must be used to ensure optimal results.
We make sure our clients are well informed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding laser services please don't hesitate to call 210-REMOVE or 210-425-8118.


Below are our one of our competitor's pricing, based on a series of 6 treatments.
We guarantee ours to be 25% to 50% LESS than theirs. We also offer monthly specials.

Upper Lip


Full Face


Bikini Line


Brazilian Bikini


Men's Chest


Men's Back



BRAZILIANS$99 Per Session - Buy 6 and get an extra 10% OFF

UPPER LIP or SIDEBURNS or CHIN  - $99 for 3 sessions of each - Buy 3 more to lock in this price!!

FULL FACE - $99 Per Session - Buy 6 and get an extra 10% OFF

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